ADA Complaint Process

Foothills Caring Corps, Inc. welcomes comments, compliments, and complaints from customers on their experiences using Foothills Caring Corps services. Customer input helps us identify areas needing improvement, and commendations are always appreciated.

All customer complaints are carefully reviewed, and those submitted by customers who experience an accessibility or ADA-related problems are additionally reviewed for adherence to Foothills Caring Corps policies by the Foothills Caring Corps Executive Director.

To file an ADA-related service complaint, customers may contact Brent Downs using any of the following methods:

Foothills Caring Corps
C/O Brent Downs
PO Box 831
Carefree, AZ 85377

(480) 488-1105


Foothills Caring Corps will investigate the complaint and promptly communicate a response to the customer within 10 business days.

All submittal methods will result in Foothills Caring Corps receiving the complaint information and entering it into the customer comment database, which documents every complaint received and all related follow-up activities. Customers with an ADA-related complaint will receive a complaint confirmation/tracking reference number, usually within the same day but no later than ten (10) business days from the day Foothills Caring Corps receives the complaint. If the customer does not receive a response within the ten (10) day timeframe, he or she can call Brent Downs at (480) 488-1105 ext. 101 to obtain the confirmation/tracking reference number.

Responsible Foothills Caring Corps operating divisions or administrative departments investigate all complaints and implement any corrective actions to be taken. Complaints involving ADA or accessibility elements receive an additional review by Brent Downs after the investigation has been completed. After the ADA Compliance oversight review has been completed, Foothills Caring Corps will provide a written reply to the customer, to the contact address provided, within ninety (90) days of receiving the complaint. All complaints are investigated within a few weeks, but some may require more extensive investigation, or require more time to identify corrective measures. In any case, a written reply will be provided to the customer within ninety (90) days.

Whether our customers are submitting complaints about service problems or sharing a great experience, we welcome the opportunity to be of service.

5310 ADA Complaint Forms

English: 5310 ADA Complaint Form – English

Spanish: 5310 ADA Complaint Form – Spanish

5310 ADA Public Notices

English: 5310 ADA Public Notice – English

Spanish: 5310 ADA Public Notice – Spanish